Temperature Compensated Voltage to Frequency Converter

Current Source Solid State Sensor

A minimalist yet highly accurate analog voltage to frequency converter. Designed to be consistent across varying temperatures. Useful for situations where digital components such as MCUs are not optimal.

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Discrete DC Motor Controller

Power Electronics Motor Control H Bridge

A compact high-performance DC motor controller designed using only common discrete components. Utilizes a full N-MOS H-bridge inverter for maximum efficiency with an integrated gate driver and charge pump for high side gate driving. Includes reverse polarity protection and optional high side current sensing.

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Open Rover Controller

Embedded C Android Java freeRTOS

A complete software solution for controlling quad DC motor powered robots. Includes an Android application which communicates via Bluetooth to an ATmega328p MCU running FreeRTOS. Firmware for the ATmega328p is available for both AVR-GCC and Arduino toolchains.

ORC Android Application

AVR Firmware

Arduino Firmware

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FPGA Super Hash Processor

FPGA Altera Aria II MD5 SHA1 SHA256

An Altera FPGA based hash processor capable of calculating the MD5, SHA256, and SHA1 hash of any message. Useful for validating the integrity of sensitive communications at high speeds.

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Harpoon Bot

Python API ANN

Open source customizable cryptocurrency trading software capable of trading multiple coins. Uses various APIs to collect technical data and interprets it to create a buy or sell signal. Trade signals can be calculated using both generic algorithms or via trained neural networks.

Harpoon Bot Github Repository

Python ANN Training Script

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